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Elegance in Megève, an unforgettable moment in the Alps

An exceptional competition for outstanding cars

We wanted to create a Concours d'Elegance that brings car enthusiasts together and make sure they have fun doing something unusual like driving on a circuit of synthetic ice and snow in the middle of a frame. unique.

The competition is open to 50 cars between old and modern.
The jury will examine the cars as well as the outfits worn by the drivers.
The atmosphere will be friendly for everyone, car enthusiasts, women and families.
In the background, Megève, with its experience of high-level hospitality and entertainment, is the ideal setting for the event.

Elegance-Megeve23-HD©AstraV-C.Hudry-6440 (1).jpg

Unique cars cars

50 vehicles have paraded and slid down the GLICE track  in front of the public and the members of the jury. The cars on show included such classic models as a 1955 Porsche 550, a 1957 Giuletta Sprint, a Bugatti T51 and a Porsche 928 Nardone.

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A hotly contested competition

The members of the jury had no easy task when it came to choosing between these beauties. The 1955 Pegaso won the highest distinction of the 3 categories, receiving the "Best of the Show" award. The 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona won the prize for the most beautiful car in the 'Vintage' category, while the Bugatti Chiron took the title of 'Most Beautiful Modern Car'.


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